About Us


Bomnamu Art Company was founded in 2017 with the goal of supporting Korea-based artists with mid-career to expand towards the global art world through international promotion, exhibition, and management.

We aim at cross-disciplinary approach which allows us to successfully fulfill the goal through creative platforms. Extensive artist research and building effective strategies and international partnership are a crucial part of our work process.

We have started our first project as an international exchange exhibition in collaboration with the government, art museum, and major company of Changsa, China. The exhibition was held in China first early this year, and the following exhibition will be held in Korea this year. Another major exchange exhibition  in cooperation with Association Capit Ravenna at National Museum of Ravenna is coming up in October for one month. These two partnerships will be promisingly prolonged.

Next year, we will project domestic as well as international exhibitions, events, and education programs. We will also continue China and Italy exchange exhibitions and participate in international art fairs. Building more international partnerships is crucial.