[Korea-Gangneung Art Center] Opening Reception_Beyond the Horizon

Opening reception was on November 27th from 5-7 pm.

After the opening, we all went to have dinner together at Gangneung local seafood restaurant.

Quality Time :)

[Italy-National Museum of Ravenna] Korean Ink Painting Workshop_Acknowledging the Differences

Korean ink painting workshop was run by Bo Mi Kim, one of the participating artists. 15 students from age 4 to 10 participated in the workshop for almost 2 hours.

The students created great works!

[Italy-National Museum of Ravenna] Installation for <Acknowledging the Differences>

It took a day for installing all the artworks.

Working in an unfamiliar environment and different culture made things more interesting and learning! It was a great pleasure to work with the artists and the Italian staff.